Survival Heroes Wiki Guide (13 Tips You Need to Know)

Survival Heroes is the first MOBA style battle royale game for mobile. It is developed by Snail Games and released last August 30, 2018 on selected countries specially in SEA. You can download the game on Google Play and as of this writing, it has over 500,000 downloads with 15,145 reviews (average 4.5 stars).

Although Survival Heroes is the first MOBA-Battle-Royale in mobile, it is not the first in other platform specially on PC. There’s a similar game called Realm Royale in FPS genre. Survival Heroes has a chance of being the next ‘big one’ but this game has a lot of potential and this Survival Heroes Wiki Guide will help you be the top 1 player.

Survival Heroes Mechanics

If you’ve played Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Vainglory, and other similar popular MOBA games on mobile, you will notice that Survival Heroes is very similar. You have this four skills that varies from stun, hex, slow, blink, and devastating ultimate attacks.

Few Tips When Playing Survival Heroes

#1 When your character reaches level 4, 7, and 10, your skills will automatically levelup. Kill more monsters, find treasure, and search containers to get XP.

#2 Try hiding to get drop on enemies. While crouching, the enemies will not hear your footsteps or detect you.

#3 Hiding in shrubs may save your life.

#4 Gold equipment features powerful passive effects. Properly matching weapons with equipment will increase your chances of winning.

#5 Spreading out is a good way to cover more ground in squad battles. However, don’t stray too far, it will let you picked off one by one.

#6 There are four main types of equipment in Survival Heroes: head armor, chest armor, leg armor, and foot armor. In addition, there are two kinds of equipment: binoculars and necklaces. Putting on the helmet will increase your attributes substantially.

#7 Use HP potion to restore your health. Be aware that if you take damage while the potion’s recovery is still in effect, your HP recovery will be interupted.

#8 Gold quality binoculars provide the best view distance. They’ll be very useful for spotting resources and scouting out enemies.

#9 In Survival Heroes, you can usually find better equipments and resources in buildings. Make sure you check those first.

#10 As soon as you landed, make your way to the nearest buildings and start looking for resources. Gather up all the equipment and items that you can use.

#11 Pay attention to the magic barrier on the map. This is the white circle on your map. When the timer reaches zero, the Magic Barrier will begin to shrink. Make sure to stay inside the Magic Barrier at all times. If you step outside it, you’ll take continuous damage from the valley’s poisonous gases.

#12 Opening treasure chests and killing monsters are good ways to get XP. Accumulate enough XP to increase your character’s level for that battle. Once your character reaches a certain level, your skills’ levels will increase too.

#13 As long as you sign-in every day, complete daily activity quests, and level up your account, you can get all kinds of rewards.

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  • Armory
  • Runes
  • Guild
  • Rankings
  • Arcade Mode
  • Custom Room
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