Survival Heroes Armory List

If you want to master the correct item build in-game, you need to master the armory of Survival Heroes. Below are the list of weapons and items that you can find/loot in-game.


In Survival Heroes, each weapon means different class. You can use different type of skills depending on the weapon you are using, continue reading the weapon list below to understand the difference of each weapon.

Weapon NameAttackHPCritMDEFPhysical DEF
Sun Bow+26+115
Dragon Gun+26+269+5.0%
Hunter Crossbow+20+96+5.0%
Void Daggers+19+250+5.0%
Elemental Orb+41+115
Brutal Fists+26+327
Storm Hammer+20+538
Cry of Ice+39+154
Wild Axes+16+538
Abyss Anchor+16+538
Divine Laser Canon+29+115
Magic Tome+41+115
Thunder Staff+31+308
Thorn Shield+9+577+10+15
Reaper Scythe+20+365
Sniper Rifle+26+135
Snow Spear+23+385
Curved Blades+17+250+5.0%
Bane Sword+21+404
Fog Bane+19+250+5.0%
Destruction Wand+41+135



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