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Ragnarok Mobile Guide - Eternal Love: Ultimate Leveling & Grinding Guide


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Article updated 28th of December 2018:Added more information about the Gourmet System and Journal System.

Article updated 1st of December 2018:Added power leveling guide by Vergel520.

Do you agree if I say Ragnarok Online is the BEST online game ever created? And finally, the mobile version, Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love is here in the Southeast Asia region.

This guide will help you grind your levels as most newbies struggle and often confused what to do next, especially past level 20.



This is the most important factor for leveling and grinding, you get 300 stamina per day and can be stacked to 900. You can only get exp and monster drop if you have stamina.

Listening to music in south Prontera field for 60 minutes can give you an extra 60 stamina per day. Do this when you’re preparing your breakfast or doing house chores so you won’t bother with the timer.

Lightning Chain

Lightning chain
Lightning chain

Consumes double the stamina but gives you twice the exp and drops for the duration. Think of it as a fast-forward button so instead of grinding 300 minutes at full stamina, you will only need to grind 150 minutes.

With VIP you can use it unlimited times, but without VIP you can only use it 7 times.

Board Quest

Unlocks at base level 18, gives you 10 quest per day and grants you zenny, materials, base and job exp. You should do it every day to level up faster.

Monster Waves (Resistance)

Unlocks at base level 22, gives you a bountiful amount exp from killing monsters. You can get it twice per day. Can also be stacked 6 times if you were not able to use it for 3 days.

Just to be clear, this is the guy beside the rift fixing quest non-playable character.

Rift Fixing (Dark Rift)

You can unlock every rift depending on your level. You can do it 5 times per day and as a reward, you have a chance to get an accessory item that is only obtainable on rifts.

Biolab Training Room

Training ground
Training ground

Just a few walks above the board quest, you can talk to Charlie Bond and he will take you to the Biolab Mobs. Make sure to have a party or decent equips because it is really hard and gives you flashbacks from Ragnarok PC version.

If you manage to clear this training room, you will be rewarded with job and base experience.

VIP System

You can get VIP cards by buying it with real money or via auction house if someone posted it. From VIP card you can gain the following:

  • EXP boost like unlimited chain usage,
  • free food,
  • and a lot more.

I have two different opinions here, not just from Ragnarok Mobile but also in other MMORPG games out there.

First, it will make free to play gamers at a ‘slight’ disadvantage especially if they can’t afford the VIP system.

Second, if you really think about it, what harm it will give you if you have disposable cash from your pocket? I mean, you already put a lot of time and effort grinding everyday why not make it easier for yourself?

Journal System

One of the most important features in Ragnarok Mobile of you want to get stronger, you can get additional stats like:

  • Attack
  • Magic Attack;
  • DEF;
  • MDEF;
  • HP;
  • Status resistance;
  • even basic stats like:

You just need to complete the quest and required items from your journal. Don’t forget to take a picture of monsters you encounter.

Journal System: Headgear Section

In the headgear section of the journal, you can get stats from:

  • crafting the headgear or
  • by storing it in the journal.

Some recipes are monster drop and some are found in the non-playable character of each town.

Journal System: Card Section

In the card section, you can get the bonus stats from:

  • killing the monster and unlocking the card
  • by storing the card in the journal.

So I would advise you to check the monster stats you wish to unlock and grind there so you can kill two birds with one stone.

Journal System: Gourmet Section

In the Gourmet Section, you can get the stats from:

  • cooking the dish until it reaches level 10;
  • eating the dish until it reaches level 10;

Also, the maximum dish you can eat at a time is 6 dishes, if you eat more you will replace the effect of the first dish you ate.

Gourmet System

The Gourmet System is another feature that you can use to get stronger and you can use it for:

  • Grinding
  • Boss Hunting
  • Player VS Player

Leveling & Grinding Tips:

  • Choose a monster which is within 10 levels within your character level. What does it mean? It should be +10 or -10 to maximize exp gain and monster loots.
  • Killing a monster greater or less than 10 levels gives you a penalty on exp and item loots. Let’s say you are level 20 Swordsman, you shouldn’t be grinding in poring (level 1) spot.
  • Before doing the quest, I suggest you grind your stamina first until yellow or red, because exp gain from quests is not affected by stamina, so you might as well go for the best monster to grind in full stamina.

Power Leveling By Vergel520

This is heavily inspired by this YouTube videoby Infinite Cross.

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