Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Where is Chowee?

Chowee is one of the NPC when doing the quest “Naughty Chowee”. Now, a lot of players are having a hard time finding her, which is quite normal because the developers hid her really well.

This quick guide will help you find Chowee and complete the quest, just follow the instructions & screenshots below.

1) Go to Payon – if you’re not in Payon town, go and talk to any kafra staff and select Payon. It is free if you still have the transport ticket while it cost 400 zeny if you don’t have the ticket.

payon teleport

2) Go to the right part of Payon town – go slightly right and you will see a hut, check the image below to know the exact location.

payon position chowee

3) Just tap in the middle of the Hut – now this is the tricky part, a lot of players will just leave the area because there’s no NPC inside the hut. See the image below to know which area to tap or click so you can talk to Chowee.

click anywhere within the circle

That’s it! You just found her, please share to your friends so they won’t struggle finding Chowee. You can also read my leveling guide here.

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