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Mercury - Ragnarok M


Item type:Crafting material

Description:This liquid metal that an alchemist accidentally made when refining an old potion can be used to make materials for equipment.

Selling price:32 zeny

How To Obtain Mercury

  • Open Rift– search the map for rifts to be fixed
  • Greatest General (Lv. 60)2.68%– Payon forest, Payon forest south
  • Horong (Lv. 62)2.54%– Payon forest, Payon cave 2F
  • Exchange– purchase from other players with zeny.
  • Mysterious box– obtain from mysterious box

Alternative Monsters

  • Bongun– (Lv. 65) 3.75%
  • Dokebi– (Lv. 69) 2.25%
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