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Hunter Crossbow (Survival Heroes)


Has high attack speed and deals lots of crits. Ranged physical attacks and rapid attack speed.

  • Attack + 20
  • HP + 96
  • Crit + 5.0%


  • Passive– each time you hit an enemy, your crit is increased by 2% for 3 seconds. Max 5 stacks.
  • Shrewdness– rolls forward. For the next 3 seconds, your main attack deals an extra physical damage. Passive:if the main attack deals a critical hit, this skill’s cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds. Cooldown:6.0 seconds.
  • Trap– lays a trap that roots enemies who steps on it for 2 seconds. Trap last for 20 seconds. A maximum of 3 can be charged up. Charge time: 15 seconds. Cooldown:3.0 seconds.
  • Frenzy– attacking reveals self for 0.5 seconds. Crit is increased 20% and movement speed is increased 25%. Lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown:30.0 seconds.
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Popular Weapons Table
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