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Hitman 2 Cutscenes - A Closer Look At Hitman 2's Stunning Cutscenes


Hitman 2 is just three days old and some people who completed the game are frustrated about the cutscenes.

Spoiler alert:if you haven’t played the game, this article may spoil you and same goes to those who are currently playing Hitman 2 but havent finished the story yet.

Hitman 2 scene
Hitman 2 scene

There’s a trending topic in Hitman forum started by Rezatera_Eiloisa asking why there’s no CG (I assume it means computer generated) cutscenes and it seems to everybody that it’s just a powerpoint presentation with voice acting, which is hilarious.

But another user BernardoOne said, “I might be wrong, but I believe Season 1’s cutscenes were handled by Square Enix animation studios. Understandable that they aren’t in HITMAN 2”. Which is true and it may be the reason why this game doesn’t have animated cutscenes.

Watch All Of The Cutscenes In Hitman 2

If you’re here looking for the cutscenes, you can watch the video here.

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