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Beside food and lumber, buildings are one of the basic fundamental that you must have in the game. You can create your troops, gather resources, trade items, and use an airship by constructing the right building type.

Here’s a quick tip: you can always use the instant complete option if the time needed to complete the construction/upgrade is less than 6 minutes.

There’s a lot of things that you can build in GoG, so I made a list for you. The buildings listed below are what you will find throughout the game, such as:

  • Lumberyard
  • Farm
  • Hospital
  • Military Tent
  • Iron Mine
  • Silver Mine

1) Lumberyard

The lumberyard produces Wood for your Estate. Upgrade to increase Wood production and storage.


2) Farm

The Farm produces food for your Estate and troops. Upgrade to increase Food production and storage.


3) Hospital

The Hospital heals troops wounded in battle. Upgrade to increase Hospital capacity and Healing speed.


4) Military Tent

The Military Tent provides housing for your troops. Upgrade to increase training capacity and training speed.

Military Tent

5) Iron Mine

The Iron Mine produces Iron for your Estate. Upgrade to increase Iron production and storage.

Iron Mine

6) Silver Mine

The Silver Mine produces Silver for your Estate. Upgrade to increase Silver production and storage.

Silver Mine

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