Dragalia Lost Weapons List

This is the list of all weapons of Dragalia Lost. The table below shows you the rarity, attributes, and how to get these weapons. Please utilize the table of content or use CTRL + F to find your preferred weapon.


Sword List

WeaponRarityAttributeHow to Get
Knight's Swordsman4Craft
Glorious Sword4Craft
Crimson Sword4FlameCraft
Frenzied Black Sword4Craft
Gilda's Sole4Craft
Mercuryus Sword4WaterCraft
Wing Sword4WindCraft
Seven Stars Sword4LightCraft
Knight Sword3Craft
Wide Sword3Craft
Hard Heat Sword3FlameCraft
Feather Sword3LightCraft
Blood Duel3Craft
Enchanted Sword3Craft
Glass Runer3WindCraft

Blade List

WeaponRarityAttributeHow to Get
Guardian Sword4Craft
Kurogare Blade4Craft
Hinokitan Sword4FlameCraft
Tempest Blade4WindCraft
Dark Swod Jeslam4DarknessCraft
Mechanical Sword Samaram4Craft
Dengmu Knife Sword4LightCraft
Hunting Sword3Craft
Next Blade3Craft
Vulca Blade3FlameCraft
Flower Butterfly Rain3WaterCraft
Road Sham Seal3Craft
Dragon Sword3WindCraft
Changelier Blade3LightCraft
Killer Blood Rain3DarknessCraft

Dagger List

WeaponRarityAttributeHow to Get
Hard Breaker4Craft
Dream Sword4Craft
Crimson Dagger4FlameCraft
The Dagger of Aoumi4WaterCraft
Nightmare Breaker4WindCraft
Dragon's Dagger4Craft
Dagger of the Old Princess4WindCraft
Kas Sacrifice4DarknessCraft
Jewelry Dagger3Craft
Gearers Knife3Craft
Cruel Kukri3FlameCraft
Heart Mage3LightCraft
Love Knife3Craft
Water Dagger3WaterCraft
Arashi's Fallen Child3WindCraft
Assassin Knife3DarknessCraft

Axe List


Lance List


Bow List


Rod List


Wand List


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