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Clicker Heroes 2 Newbie Guide


Hello and welcome to my newbies guide for Clicker Heroes 2. After the success with the original it is awesome to see a sequel has now been released but it is quite different from the original. Struggling to work out whats what? Well hopefully this guide is for you! Sections can be found on the right if you need something specific, and if it is not included feel free to comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible πŸ™‚

Clicker Heroes 2 Starting Explanation

So you have just launched the game for the first time. You are eager to explore the new realms and worlds with excessive numbers to come. Although the start is extremely self explanatory, here is a run down of some of the basics and what they do:


  • Energy – Used for most skills, replenishes per second at a rate affected by gear and level up perks. Can also be restored by clicking the energy towers found around the edges of the pathway.
  • Mana – Used for a few skills that are mainly focused on replenishing energy and reloading. Restores at a much slower rate than energy and can also be restored by clicking the mana towers
  • Haste – Known in most games as agility, this increases auto attack speed while reducing cool down values, very useful to have if you remove the minimum skill cool downs later on. This also reduces the automated cooldowns.


  • Gold – The primary currency in the game, this is used to purchase gear levels for your character to improve their damage and bonus stats. This will be gathered in ludicrous quantities later on in the game.
  • Rubies – The old premium currency from the original game, this is now just a more valuable currency used to purchase world long, permanent and temporary boosts from the flying merchant.


  • Small Gold Pile – Small boost of gold.
  • Large Gold Pile – Large boost of gold.
  • Orange Bird – Massive boost of gold and rubies!
  • Energy Tower – Boost of Energy.
  • Mana Tower – Boost of Mana.

Clicker Heroes 2 World Explanations

So the world itself is one of the focuses of the game and follows a strict layout. To some players this may seem confusing to begin with, so here is a break down of how each of the worlds works and what to expect in them.

World Levels:

  • Non-Multiples of 5 – The normal standard worlds, as much as standard gets in Clicker Heros, these contain standard enemies and clickables, with the chance of treasure chests and a boss at the end before clearing. There is no time limit and these cannot be failed.
  • Every 5th Level – Every 5th level is a timed zone in which the zone must be cleared within the time limit or the zone is reset. The time is displayed at the top and easily viewable at any time. These follow the same layout as a normal run except for this, with clickables and a boss at the end.
  • Every 25th Level – Every 25th level has a raid boss which must be killed. These are difficult and the fight is timed, with the more damage done rewarding more gold at the end no matter if you fail or succeed. You will keep reattempting the boss until successful. Clickables CANNOT be found on these levels.
  • Level 99 – The final raid boss appears on this level to allow for a special level 100.
  • Level 100 – The final level of the first worlds, this contains a world boss and then introduction to ascension.

Clicker Heroes 2 Equipment And Stats

Selecting your equipment for is quite simple, however the long term affects of your decision should be considered before making your choices. Each time you select the same piece of equipment, you will be choosing to either random role all the stats, which I strongly urge you to preview before selecting, or to add a stat to your current weapon. Occasionally the damage output of the item can change with each option as well so remember to consider this. When it comes to equipment there are many different builds and varieties in choice you can choose, but a general rule of thumb is pick either clickable bonuses or passive bonuses and stick with them for maximum effect.

  • Haste is always a good option if you are unsure what your path will be as this affects cooldowns, attack speed and the automate.
  • Boss gold is less valuable than some might think due to the small amount of bosses you will actually encounter compare to normal opponents.
  • Sometimes if you are not happy with your options then rolling new stats can be for the best.You won’t always get the best combinations first time. Trial and error is key!

In Regards to the Random Stat Rolling (Credit to Rabaal for these additions):

  • Highlight the piece of gear and take note of what stats are listed in red by hovering the mouse of it. These are the stats you are losing by buying the random peice of gear.
  • A good strategy is to use the Haste breakpoints for permanent clickstorm which is 151%, or an attack delay below 0.4000. Taking haste on all gear until this is achieved might be a good starting point. Make especially sure random stats do not remove haste if you do this!

Clicker Heroes 2 Leveling System

The leveling system in the game is far more advanced than the previous one, with many options, routes and paths for you to select. This is the hardest part of the game to make suggestions on and your choices should just follow your desired build type you selected with the equipment, as either passive or clickable. Some skills will add more click based action where as automated boosts will help the afk side of the game. For more information on the Automater see the next section.

Clicker Heroes 2 The Automater AFK Machine

The Automater is the afk machine of the game and used for those who want a more passive experience. The machine is split into three sections which are explained below:


This is where you can find all of your currently unlocked skills. To add them, simply click and drag the skill you want into a relevant circular slot on the AutoOrder and it will slot in place. You may find you need to unlock the automater version of a skill to use most skills, not just the skill itself.


Stones are the timers for the automater and range in a variety of times. To unlock these you can find them throughout the leveling tree. Some are longer than others, and can be used for skills with longer cooldowns. To set the cooldown of a skill simply click and drag the box into the relevent autoorder next to the skill, and it should slot in place.


This is where your automater runs its timers and where you can set up your afk machine. It will list all the skills and abilities with the related cooldown stones, and give an idea of how long until each skill will be used if turned on by the glowing orbs heading down the lines on the left side.

Once set up, make sure the button is green and providing you have the energy the afk machine will make the magic happen. You can turn it off at any time with the on off switch at the top of the page.

Clicker Heroes 2 Beta Showcase Video

Check here.

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