Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love: Battling Baphomet

Last updated: 28 December 2018

A lot of people are asking regarding this quest. It seems to me that this is one of the most frustrating quests for this episode of Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love (SEA).

Here’s a few F.A.Q about Battling Baphomet quest:

  1. What happens if your character died within the quest? Apparently, some people experience a bug when they die and can’t come back. Here’s what you need to do: talk to the non-playable character again and you’ll notice that he didn’t regenerate his hit points, which is a good thing.
  2. I can’t find Baphomet. Just explore the whole map, sometimes he’s not recognized in the mini-map. Look beside the hooded guy (entrance)

If you find it hard to understand the written guide, watch this YouTube video.

Best class to defeat Battling Baphomet quest

Not every class can solo this bad boy. In some cases, you need a party especially if your main character is a full support priest.

Below are two of the best job to beat the quest:


This class can utilize its high flee and strong physical damage. You can spam sonic blow or hit it with your crits.


Monk’s asura strike can one hit Baphomet. You don’t believe me? Watch this video below.



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  1. but even without a party, when following the priest to that quest, it says ” you can’t follow the player to the map” .. so it is really hard for the priest. 🙁

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