59 Tips & Tricks for Rules of Survival [RoS]

Here’s a list tips and tricks you need to know when playing Rules of Survival. You can read the original post on this reddit thread.

Just a quick note, you can watch the video or jump into the list below the video.

rules of survival

And here is the RoS tips and tricks for those of you who rather read through them

  1. Most important thing you can to in a team game is communicate

  2. How to pull up the map

  3. Setting a marker on you map

  4. Most common use of marker by others

  5. Weapons and vehicles are randomized

  6. Familiarizing yourself with an area gives a huge advantage

  7. These areas have more and better loot

  8. These areas are more dangerous

  9. Majority of players leave plane early

  10. How to tell when people are exiting the plane

  11. My recommendation to confident players

  12. Maximum jump distance is 1300m

  13. My recommendation to less confident players

  14. No inertia in game

  15. I recommend jumping forward

  16. How the radiation wall closes in

  17. If you are on the long side, the wall moves faster than you can run

  18. Each new zone is ⅓ the size of the previous

  19. All the numbers for all the rounds

  20. Knowing trivia about a game can increase confidence

  21. Sports Drinks are great for using when in the radiation zone

  22. Radiation zone increases damage each round

  23. Switching to a melee weapon (can be fists) increases movement speed

  24. People can tell that you don’t have a gun by the way you act

  25. You don’t need a ton of rifle ammo using these tactics

  26. Pick up rifle ammo that you find do other players can’t get it

  27. Don’t assume people are shooting at you

  28. Long Battles attract a lot of attention

  29. Stay near building during this phase

  30. In a team game, stay close to your team during this phase

  31. Level 3 Items are the best in the game

  32. Don’t spend too much time trying to get all level 2 gear

  33. Rules of Survival is not a shooter game

  34. Shooting your gun can often mean death

  35. If I see footsteps, I first try to find a way to hide

  36. Best place to hide

  37. 2nd best place to hide

  38. In safe zone, stay in hiding

  39. I recommend only killing if it super easy kill

  40. Shooting with a silencer will still alert enemies with headphones

  41. You can use “knocking down” to tell how cautious you need to be

  42. Kill knocked down enemies before they are revived

  43. Crawling without cover only makes things worse

  44. High grass camouflage is manipulated by elevation and movement

  45. I recommend letting others go before you.

  46. People waiting for you as you enter the Safe Zone is rare

  47. Most players die when someone else sees them first

  48. Players ahead of you are easy to hide from

  49. How to activate and use autorun

  50. I recommend staying 4-8 meters from each other during this phase

  51. Ideally you only kill 1 person to win

  52. At the end, killing while you can get first shot

  53. Bait the other player to attack you in this situation

  54. You get 3 extra points for each kill

  55. You get much more points for survival

  56. Lean function is very helpful

  57. How to toggle the lean function

  58. This tactic is not great for multiplayer

  59. When you kill someone outside the shed, move on ros

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